Bambinos Childcare

Healthy Harold Visits Bambino’s Bowral!

Healthy Harold came for a visit us here at Bambino’s Kindergarten Bowral on Wednesday the 15.10.14. Michelle Healthy Harold’s friend said that Healthy Harold was going camping and he needed some help packing his bag. We helped healthy Harold by picking him a healthy lunch. The children were able to choose healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables which he could take. Then we packed him some sun safe items because he will be at the beach which is out in the sun. We decided he needed a hat, sun shirt, sunscreen, water bottle and sunglasses.


Healthy Harold went and had a shower and he reminded us that it is very important to make sure you wash your hair with shampoo and body with soap. We read a story which involved the children participating in activities such as brushing your teeth, musical statues, and a game called carpet kid which was a bit like pass the parcel.


When the music stop the child got to pick something out of the box and place it on the child where they think we would use that item. Some items involved hair comb, tooth brush, soap, baby powder etc. We learnt about sleep and rest and that when you sleep at night our bodies are growing.  After we had finished, we all got to have a turn at giving Healthy Harold a pat and collecting a sticker from Healthy Harold and an activity book to do at home with lots of healthy things inside. The children really enjoyed this visit and are more aware of all the important healthy things that we need to do to look after our bodies properly.