Bambinos Childcare

Maths and Science at Bambino’s Kindergarten Glenfield

Over the last couple of months the children of the Suns Room, our Preschool Room at Bambinos Kindergarten Glenfield have been focusing on Mathematical and Scientific practices and procedures that were created through the use of upcycled and sustainable materials. Miss Maggie, Miss Anu, Miss Karlynn and Miss Jucinda have made Number Matching, which included recycled cups from home, left over Christmas pompoms and donated tongue depressors. The children are encouraged to count the number of dots and then correlate this to the corresponding cup/number and then place the correct amount of pom poms onto the cup/bowl. This assists children in gaining number recognition and sense and also fosters sharing of the resources realising Outcome 4.2 as well as 5.3.

 The educators have also provided opportunities for colour exploration and also linking this with a predetermined interest in Dinosaurs including last years Dinosaurs project by using the magnifying glasses to match the colour to the correct wand developing Outcome 2.2 and 4.1 and the children’s sense of exploration and discovery. These items are stored for children to access on our Math and Science shelf where they let their educators know about the interests, ideas and knowledge that they want to know and learn more about. Children have also demonstrated their imagination with the resources that are provided for the children as the educators listen, observe and then provide hand made creative Art and Craft experiences that can be utilised within Maths and Science experiences. What a bunch of clever cookies we have at our service.