Bambinos Childcare

The Lego Bricks Show at Bambino’s Kindergarten Fairwater

This morning we had a special incursion from Lego Bricks to work with the children to use Lego for purposeful construction at Bambino’s Kindergarten Fairwater. The Dragonflies were very excited all morning for the show. First we began to talk about Jungle 3animals, to extend on our Jungle play during the letter of the week study on J that we did. Firstly we identified many different animals from the jungle – bear, snake, elephant, tiger. The ladies then asked the children who had seen a snake. The children put up their hands. We then sang a song about a jungle snake. The children identified that a snake slithers and has no arms and legs, they eat meat and we don’t touch them. The children were split into groups of four, given a box of Lego and some instructions.

Following the instructions, the children worked together to use the Lego to build a Jungle Snake. After the snake was completed, the children identified that snake begins with S, making the “sss” sound and drawing the letter S in the air. The next animal that the children made was a lion. They sang a song about the lion and talked about the habitat that lions live in. They identified that a lion lives in Africa and they have a mane. The children also established that lions eat meat and other animals in the jungle. The children drew the letter L in the air as they said lion. The children all received their next set of instructions and worked together to build their own lion. The groups then split into two and had a “rainbow tower challenge”. The teams worked together to build the tallest tower.


4The Lego Bricks program focusses on the key learning areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. It encouraged the children to think critically using mathematical concepts to explore and extend their interests (LO4.1, LO4.2). Throughout the experience the children were building their problem-solving skills in conjunction with being providing an opportunity for creative expression and fostering an appreciation of how things work. They continued to develop critical thinking skills through design thinking processes. They explored maths and science concepts by utilising multiple learning modalities to engage visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learning styles.1

Through taking turns and working collaboratively (LO1.3) the children continued to develop social and emotional skills such as patience, teamwork and communication in the process of completing a project in a non-competitive setting. The Lego Bricks session also worked at improving the children’s fine-motor skills as they manipulate small components and objects throughout the construction process (LO3.2). The children thoroughly enjoyed this incursion and are excited to use these skills to continue to build with the Lego!