Bambinos Childcare

Bambino’s Kindergarten Visits the Local Library!

This week the children from the Meerkat room at Bambino’s Kindergarten Bowral Street have taken turns in going to the Bowral Library for an excursion.  We used the bus and children were able to identify familiar landmarks as we drove to the Library including favourite parks, the hospital and the local shopping centre.

Library visit 2

The children have enjoyed listening to story books read by the Librarian who works with all the books and helps people in our community to develop a love of reading.   Time was then spent looking through the children’s section of the library and choosing books they would like to borrow. The Librarian extended an invitation to the children to come back to visit the Library with their parent to join so they may borrow books to take home to read.

These Library visits will support our Meerkats in their School Readiness program through developing a love of reading and pre reading skills and their awareness of the wider community.  These visits will be occurring regularly throughout the year.

 This supports EYLF outcomes 2.1.4 Child broadens their understanding of the world they live in , 5.2.7 Child actively uses, engages with and share the enjoyment of language and texts in a range of ways and 1.3.6 Child engages with local community members and elders. Library visit