Bambinos Childcare

Aeroplane Exploration at Bambino’s Kindergarten Caringbah!

Over the past few weeks, the children in the Superkids Room at Bambinos Caringbah have demonstrated a strong interest in aeroplanes. To extend on this interest, the educators have read a variety of stories incorporating this topic, and encouraged group discussions to include each child’s understanding of aeroplanes – how they work, what they are made of, how they fly and so on.

The children have been involved in making their own paper aeroplanes, with the help of their educators. Educator Peter makes the best paper aeroplanes, and has been teaching all the other children and educators. The children love racing their aeroplanes against each other, to see which plane flies the highest or the furthest.

After discussions about how planes fly, and concluding it is because they have wings, the Superkids decided to use some cardboard to make their own wings. The children each decorated their pieces of cardboard, and with the help of an educator, used tape to stick the cardboard to their arms, like wings.

photo 3 (6)

Then, the children decided to go outside on the gross motor equipment and test out their wings, jumping from the equipment to see if they could fly and running through the yard ‘flapping their arms like wings’. After this experience, the children had a discussion about their wings, and spoke about why they could not fly with their wings.

photo 4 (2)

This experience extended upon the children’s interest in the room, and allowed for the children to experiment and make their own conclusions. The children were able to make their own discoveries and learn through their play.

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