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Colour Changing Chameleon

Paper plates + water colours + googly eyes + a little imagination = a colourful afternoon craft activity! The possibilities are endless with this month’s craft, but our favourite in the colour changing chameleon! Materials Paper plates Water colour paints Googly eyes Paint brushes Pencil Scissors or craft knife Paper fasteners Method Take one paper …

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Community Hats

This simple craft will keep the kids entertained for hours while they play pretend with their very own police and fireman hats. Try making your own community hats with your children! Materials: Black marker Coloured A4 sized paper White A4 sized paper Paint Paint brushes Paper plate Glue Scissors Method: Select your colour of paint …

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Paper Fish

This bendy craft is great fun for kids and adults alike! Get creative and make all kinds of fun fish that bend and move just like real fish! Materials: Coloured A4 sized paper White A4 sized paper Black marker Glue Scissors Method: First start with a piece of coloured paper of your choice, this will …

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Paper Friends

Your children will love this friendship inspired craft! In celebration of International Friendship Day this year encourage your kids to have a go at making their own paper friends, which they can then share with their friends! Materials: Paints Paint brushes or sponges Paper Pencil Glitter   Method: Set out paint colours that you wish …

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Ball Art Creations

This great mess free activity will have your kids creating wonderful pieces of art in an entirely new and fun way and is perfect for younger aged children!  Materials: Balls Box (small to medium sized) Paper plates Sticky tape Scissors Paper Paint Method: Firstly start by cutting the piece of paper to fit the size …

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