Complaints and Compliments

Raising a Complaint/Grievance, or providing a Compliment

G8 Education will promptly address any concerns from families to resolve issues and maintain good relationships. G8 Education provides different avenues for families to raise concerns, make complaints or provide compliments. These include: 

• In person by speaking with the Centre Manager, Responsible Person or the child’s Educator
• By emailing the Centre
• By contacting the Family Care Team 

The Family Care Team

The Family Care Team is here to support you and your family during your time with us. Should you require assistance or wish to raise any concerns or grievances, the Family Care Team can help guide you through the process and help you gain the best solution.

You can contact the family care team through the contact details below:

Call us: 1800 317 371

Email: [email protected]

Parent Grievance complaint procedure

Should you wish to make a complaint or air a grievance, please also look to the following procedure for guidance.