Bambinos Harrington Park North celebrates Eileen’s 100th Birthday!

It’s not every day you hear of someone celebrating their 100th birthday. So, when Tracy Darragh’s grandma Eileen was to reach her milestone birthday, she wanted to ensure it was one to remember. 

Unfortunately the current COVID-19 climate meant that Eileen couldn’t have her family with her for these big celebrations. 

In order to make her grandma’s birthday a memorable one, Tracy reached out to the local community to see if they could come together and help her out. Her aim: 100 cards for Eileen’s 100th birthday! 

When Bambinos Harrington Park North heard of this wonderful initiative, they just knew they had to participate. Together, the Educators and children made a scrapbook of drawings, photos and sweet cards for the birthday girl. 

That wasn’t all. After hearing that Eileen loves her crocheting as well as her tea time rituals, the centre also put together a little hamper of tea, biscuits and croquet wool for Eileen.


The community was so thrilled with this little gesture that the centre even made it to Northern Star, the local news!

So far, the lovely Eileen has received 180 cards and counting. What a wonderful way to show the children that a simple gesture like this is more than enough to make someone’s day. And we have no doubt it did for centurion Eileen! 

Looking to extend the love in your own local community? You can take a leaf out of the Bambinos book and decorate cards and paintings to send to the residents in your local nursing home, showing that you’re thinking of them throughout this difficult time!

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