6 of the best child care benefits for little ones

There’s a lot to be said for enrolling your child in an education and care centre that’s perfect for them.

But beyond the obvious benefits, there are many that might get overlooked or forgotten along the way.

Here are our favourite things about supporting your family and inspiring the children in our care!

It’s true – our centres never stop coming up with fun ideas for children. Even with COVID-19 dominating the year, our creative educators have leaned right in and turned the news headlines into teaching children about germs and hygiene in a meaningful way!


Educators will also support children in understanding, labelling and self-regulating their emotions; they also encourage friendships and negotiate conflict, setting children up for success as learners and generally easing future transitions.


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We love nothing more than seeing a beautiful connection between the children and our local community!


This also includes learning about culture. The lands on which our centre stands are recognised as belonging to Traditional Owners and Custodians. The significance of this relationship is shared with children through acknowledgements, curriculum experiences and relationships with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


We’re ready to welcome your children to an exciting, rich and thriving environment, made especially for them. With all the benefits for children, and services specially designed to support busy parents, there’s no better place for your child to learn and grow.

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