Why shared reading experiences are great for children

By: G8 Education Team

Shared reading experiences with your child offer valuable opportunities for them to explore the joy of reading. When you enjoy reading together, your child will associate reading with the warmth and closeness you provide while sharing this experience.

Research also shows that reading with your child increases their vocabulary and sets them up as lifelong readers.

Did you know?

When your child is engaging with books and storytelling, they are:

  • Developing a love of reading;
  • Having fun with rhyming words and the sounds words make;
  • Enjoying the rhythm of language, developing their imagination and interests;
  • Enjoying a positive literacy experience with you!


Why not try some of the below activities incorporating shared reading?

The Magic Beach

This is a wonderful book with so much to see in the illustrations. If you don’t have the book, you can find it on Youtube here.

After reading the book:

  • Google pictures of real-life rock pools with sea life living in them; see if you can describe the creatures and name these;
  • If you have any shells in the house, take a look to see if any of the same shells are living in the rock pools;
  • If you are near a beach, go for a beach walk and pick up shells along the way.


Dear Zoo

An old favourite. Click here to experience the author reading the story – enjoy the animal noises and make these with your child as you listen or read!

After reading the book, why not:

  • Go to the zoo together – virtually, of course! – with Victoria Zoo’s live cam showing some of their animal homes. Find their live cams here.
  • Explore your child’s toy box together and find as many animals as you can. Use some blocks or boxes or Lego and make a zoo for the animals. Sort the animals to see which ones might be able to live together and which ones might be too fierce.
  • Make animals out of play-dough to explore animal shapes and characteristics.