Bambinos Childcare

Preschoolers learn sustainability at Bambino’s Fairwater

One of our favourite stories at Preschool is ’10 Things I Can Do To Help My World’. Isabella has drawn particular attention to the story lately. She enjoys it so much; she made her own project with drawings and environmental sustainability messages from the book. Her Mummy bought her a copy of her own and Isabella brings it to school to read to her friends. We were so impressed with the interest the children showed in the environmental issues raised in the book, we decided to make a felt story board to go with it. We went to the Library in small groups to look at it for the first time.


The story shows things that we can do to help our world, such as turning off lights, saving water, recycling and planting trees. We wanted to extend on this learning with the story board and used it to show how damage can be done to the environment by the things that we do. It shows how electricity is made by burning fossil fuel and how this causes pollution and damage to the environment. The children learned that the health and wellbeing of all living things are interconnected and depend on a healthy environment.

Later in the afternoon, we reflected on the stories and I asked the children to tell me one thing that they had learned or could remember from the story:

Maddison: The bad stuff (pollution) makes a big hole in the ozone layer

Rylie: The sun makes us warm

Sofia: Everyone drink water and have energy

Braedyn: Turn the lights off when you go to bed

Lily: The sun makes us nice and warm and gives us temperature

Maison: Brush your teeth. Turn off the water

Isaac: Oxygen

Rachel: Trees make us breathe. Plant trees.

Daneeka: The rain makes the plants grow

Mason: Turn off the lights

Nicolas: The animals need the trees

Jacob: The fire makes electricity

Hayley: Paper comes from trees

Christian: The sun makes us warm

Ruby: We make paper from trees. Use both sides (of the paper)

Isabella: Make things from boxes

Ryan: The sun and the trees

Verity: Turn off the lights

Jack: We need food

Cruz: The fire was there and it made the power

Chance: People chop down too many trees


From this story board, the children have had discussions about recycling. For an activity we will look at making toys from recycled materials!