Bambinos Childcare

We’re all in this together: How Bambinos is sharing kindness in our community

We’ve guided our Bambinos children through the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, teaching them the importance of handwashing, good hygiene and keeping a safe social distance.

And now we are focused on making sure the “new normal” provides children with the laughter and joy that every child has the right to experience.


Bambinos Fairwater 

At our beautiful Fairwater centre we’ve embraced the #rainbowtrail with brightly coloured balloons along the fence line and carpark, bringing a smile to children as they arrive at the centre and others in the community as they pass by on their daily walk.

We’ve also joined the nationwide #bearhunt, hiding pictures of bears throughout the centre for children to find.

The social distancing measures that have been adopted to keep the community safe have had a big impact on many of our families. The announcement of free child care has been a relief to many but we’ve also been amazed at the generosity of our Bambinos family.

The community pantry where families are encouraged to give what you can take what you need has helped many who are struggling financially or simply having difficulty finding essential items.

It just goes to show that a crisis can often bring out the best in everyone. We’re in this together and we will all get through to the other side.

What are you doing to spread kindness and show others that you are thinking of them at this time? We’d love to hear your stories.